Sexto Elemento

Utiel-Requeña, Spain

Sexto Elemento is a tiny production estate in the area of Venta del Moro in the western portion of the Utiel-Requeña DO.  Like many families of the area, Rafa Lopez and the generations before him have farmed a few hectares of grapes for the past one hundred years, selling their fruit to a nearby cooperative for a production of mediocre wine.  When Rafa became more involved, he learned of the cultured yeasts, enzymes, and other corrections the co-op practiced regularly at the factory. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, as Rafa knew his organic estate had the potential for greatness.  In 2000 he decided to take his winemaking roots into full swing and released his first vintage in 2003.  Through tradition and customs that were passed on to him from his father, he carries out a natural elaboration in the cellar, never using any sulfites, and allowing for the wines to go through a very long and slow fermentation (11+ months).  Scarce rainfall, hot summers, and bitter cold winters help created a perfect situation for the thick-skinned Bobal varietal, and at Rafa’s mere 6 hectare estate, he only yields 1-1.5 kg per vine.  With an annual production of just 10,000 bottles, these exclusive wines of Sexto Elemento are already considered a cult-style production, with the power and elegance to be one of the most coveted in Spain.

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Our Selections

David & Goliath Bobal Utiel-Requeña 2014

David & Goliath is Sexto Elemento’s youngest and freshest wine made from their incredible old-vine Bobal.  Coming from the estate’s 60-year-old vines grown in lime soils, the grapes are hand-picked and pressed in an old-school basket press, and go through a long natural fermentation in the barrels that it is also aged in.  After 12 months in new and used oak, and having seen no additions whatsoever, the wine is bottled unfiltered and unfined.  The result is magnificent and remarkably expressive, with dark and decadent fruit, lifted by its fresh acidity and spicy tones, and is underlined with grippy tannins and dank earth

Sexto Elemento Bobal Utiel-Requeña 2013

6˚ Elemento is the estate’s flagship wine, coming from their estate's incredible and robust 70-year-old bush-vine Bobal. The fruit is always hand-picked, having yielded only two kilos of fruit per vine, and is fermented naturally and very slowly in cask.  The wine rests with its fine lees in American and French oak barrels (225L) for one year with occasional battonage in order to bring a rounder mouth feel to the finished juice.  This Bobal is completely natural from start to finish, with no additives whatsoever and spends the time that it needs to with aging in wood as well as the bottle, as Rafa Lopez decides each year depending only on the development.  Dark, brooding and decadent fruit pour out in layers through the air; thick with spice and sweet tones from the wood, this wine is still remarkably balanced with ample acidity and tannin, showing elegance alongside power.