Vinos Divertidos

Somontano, Spain

 Vinos Divertidos is a small winery that focuses on clean and un-manipulated wines in the Somontano DO, with sustainable farming practices, low sulfur, and expressive examples of unusual varietals from their region.  They are situated in Lagüarres (Huesca), at 2300 feet above sea level, in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. With a name that literally translates to ‘Fun Wines,’ this winery isn’t afraid to use humor and play with the serious topic of wine. Their concept is to help cultivate and revive the varietals that are near extinction, bringing indigenous varietals out of obscurity to create fresh versions of the wines, with great packaging to appeal to people’s fun side when drinking and experiencing new (but very old) wines from Spain. The project is run by Enrique Larruy Santolaria, Pepe Marco and his son Alex Marco.


Our Selections

Cojon de Gato New.jpg

Vinos Divertidos Cojon de Gato Somontano 2015

Cojón de Gato exemplifies what Vinos Divertidos does best; take indigenous varietals from the northeast corner of Spain, give them a fun presentation, and make incredible wine.  Cojón de Gato literally translates to ‘cat’s testicles’ and is an old variety that doesn’t see much love, but this wine is sure to impress with its fresh fruit and smooth texture. It is blended with Merlot & Syrah and shows bright red fruits and a bit of floral spice that comes through on the nose and the palate.  Fermented in stainless followed by 3 months in barrel.

Varietals: Cojón de Gato, Syrah, Merlot

La Moristel New.jpg

Vinos Divertidos La Moristel Somontano 2016

The unique and delicious La Moristel del Pirineo comes from a very old vineyard of only 5000 vines in the Isabena Valley of Somontano.  The near extinct Moristel varietal gives incredible color and body to blends from northeastern Spain, but here is showcased on its own with a great amount of class and style. Spending 10 months in used French oak barrel and 3 months in bottle before release, the resulting wine has great freshness on the nose, with dark fruits, purple flowers, and hints of vanilla.  The palate has easy drinking tannins that wrap around red and black fruits, a bit of spice, and soft oak notes from the wood.

Varietals: 100% Moristel

Ojo de Liebre New.jpg

Vinos Divertidos Ojo de Liebre Somontano 2015

The Ojo de Liebre is a unique wine that displays the versatility of the red fruit that comes out of the Somontano of Spain.  Ojo de Liebre is the local name for Tempranillo, yet here in Somontano, it has a distinct mineral driven complexity to it, with a soft palate, and a lovely and funky fruit component.  It is then blended with 40% Garnacha to add with and expressive fruit, balancing the minerality and tannin of theOjo de Liebre.   After nearly a year in oak, the wine rests for at least 8 months before release, creating a complex and unique red wine.  

Varietals: 60% Ojo de Liebre, 40% Garnacha